Contrary to popular belief, Joan of Arc wasn’t burned at the stake for witchcraft...

After her capture in 1430, there were 70 charges against Joan of Arc ranging from sorcery to horse theft, eventually whittled down to just 12, most related to her wearing of men’s clothing. Offered life imprisonment in exchange for an admission of guilt, Joan signed a document confessing her sins and promising to change her ways. Several days later, possibly provoked by threats of violence or rape from her guards, Joan put her male attire back on. It was this act that earned Joan a conviction as a relapsed non conformist and sent her to the stake.

She was also the inspiration behind the ever so trendy "bob" hair style, by cutting her long hair in to the pageboy style that was common among knights of her era.

Her is my tribute to her...."Joan of BarK"

pastel on velour board

#womeninhistory #dogart #dogpaintings #petportraits #joanofarc #animalart

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